celebrity series #10: Terry Crews

I have been watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I have been rewatching White Chicks and all I have to say is that Terry Crews is the BEST person in the world.

He’s positive.

He’s funny.

He’s an advocate against sexual assault and male stereotypes.

He’s a beefy unicorn.

And obviously he has an insane workout.

Crews does something called giant sets. Let me explain:

Let’s say you did three regular sets each of push ups and squats. That means you’d get six rests in total (one after each set).

If you did supersets, you would do a set of push ups followed immediately by a set of squats, followed by the rest. So you’re doing the same amount of work, but getting only half the rest.

With giant sets, you’re doing the same thing you did with supersets, but with three or more exercises. So maybe a set of push ups, a set of squats, and a set of alternating lunges, and then a rest.

Crews has come up with something he calls “Terrys 24s”:

  • four exercises
  • six reps per exercise (he’s doing massive moves and weights which is why he only does six)
  • for four rounds

Like our other big builders (the Rock, Demi Moore for G.I. Jane), he works different muscle groups on different days:

Monday: legs
Tuesday: back
Thursday: chest and arms
Friday: shoulders

Terry also runs 4 miles (6.5km) per day.

*note that he does not have a dedicated abs day. Just like the Rock, it seems Crews spends minimal time focusing on abs because he engages his core during his entire workout. You do not need to spend hours training abs to get a strong core.

Playlist: Crews likes to listen to audio books while he works out (you can find some of his suggestions here) but he’ll throw in some Public Enemy and a little Rick Ross because “I like to run angry,” he says. For more of the latter, here’s a playlist.

Equipment: towel, chair (assuming you don’t have a squat rack in your house, this version of Terry’s workout has been made to be done in any home)

Time: 30-40 minutes

ROUND 1 — legs
do all exercises, take a 30 second rest, repeat 3 more times (total of 4 times through)
– 30 squats
– 30 alternating lunges
– 15 single leg deadlift right side
– 15 single leg deadlift left side

ROUND 2 — back
do all exercises, take a 30 second rest, repeat 3 more times (total of 4 times through)
– 10 superman pull up
– 10 Y-superman
– 10 wide-grip push up (wrists should be outside shoulders)
– 15 towel row

ROUND 3 — chest & arms
do all exercises, take a 30 second rest, repeat 3 more times (total of 4 times through)
– 10 tricep dips
– 10 tricep push backs
– 10 chest push up (make a diamond shape with your hands under your chest)
– 15 towel bicep curl (keep tension through towel, elbows stay up at shoulder height as you bicep curl)

ROUND 4 — shoulders
do all exercises, take a 30 second rest, repeat 3 more times (total of 4 times through)
– 10 towel shoulder press
– 10 towel front raise
– 10 towel front press
– 10 dive bombers

Some workout words of wisdom from Terry:

“If you do Zumba and you love Zumba – you want to be the badass Zumba chick or Zumba guy – it’s going to keep you in shape. I know bicycle guys who are in better shape than NFL players. You’ve just got to find out what you do, man.”

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