celebrity series #18: Kylie vs Madonna

A fabulous request made my one of the members at Iron North: Kylie Minogue versus Madonna. This request was made mostly for the music. I knew that Madonna's workout would be pretty legit, but I wasn't sure what Kylie's workout would be like. It turns out that she doesn't workout much. While she occasionally will … Continue reading celebrity series #18: Kylie vs Madonna

celebrity series #17: The Backstreet Boys

I was always on Team Spice growing up (because boys are gross!!) so I can't even name all of the Backstreet Boys (Aaron Carter? Nick Carter? Lance Bass?). Back in the 90s, it was always Spice Girls versus the Backstreet Boys. But, at the time, there was no concrete way (that our child-minds could figure … Continue reading celebrity series #17: The Backstreet Boys

celebrity series #16: The Spice Girls

You know them, you dressed up as them. You sang the songs. They impacted your life.  They were cool then, they are cool now: The Spice Girls. Playlist: My fave songs (my fave fast-paced ones), and some ~~~lit~~~ remixes Equipment needed: a box/crate/sturdy chair, a hand towel or weights Time: 30ish minutes ROUND 1 — … Continue reading celebrity series #16: The Spice Girls

celebrity series #15: Justin Trudeau

It only seemed appropriate to emulate our Prime Minister's workout the week of Canada Day. Naturally, I couldn't find his actual workout online (it would somehow seem inappropriate if his workout were detailed online), but the evidence of his physical fitness is everywhere. Top finds were: Justin Trudeau running Justin Trudeau surfing Justin Trudeau peacock … Continue reading celebrity series #15: Justin Trudeau

celebrity series #14: all the Chrises

After we went through the Chris Pratt workout, the discussion turned to all the other famous Chrises. There are loads. Because of time restraints, I had to choose just four -- four Chrises, four rounds. Obviously we could eliminate Chris Pratt because we already did him (that's what she said). And any female Chris' (or Kris) … Continue reading celebrity series #14: all the Chrises