celebrity series #9: KUWTK

Ok ok ok ok.

I have never seen the show, but I did spend last summer obsessively Googleing the Tristan/Khloe saga + rumours of Kourtney wanting to leave the family and go live on a farm.

So I don’t know a lot of their history or why you might hate them (Kim seems nice?) or why you might love them (Kim seems nice!).

But I do know this: they #werk.

Sure, you might have opinions about their bodies but 1) are you really judging someone’s body right now? and 2) you cannot argue with Kim’s trainer, Melissa Alcantara, famously known on Instagram as @fitgurlmel.

Mel has a real rags-to-riches story. She openly talks about not having the money to buy much of anything, let alone an iPod when she was younger. Fast forward to today and she is one of the featured trainers on Apple’s app, Fitplan (YAY MEL!).

Mel transformed herself after her pregnancy, Kim found her on instagram and asked her to be her trainer, and the rest is history.

I researched all the girls workouts (with equally legit trainers) and broke them down into what they seem to prefer (full body, abs, cardio, etc).

The playlist — is a playlist from put together for Khloe’s “Revenge Body” show (also have not seen but I Stan for Khloe and what she’s gone through — did I use “Stan” correctly?).

Equipment needed:
– towel for arm moves (always feel free to use actual weights instead of towel)
– 2 bath towels for battle rope
– chair

Total time: 40 minutes minutes

ROUND 1 — the Khloe — full body (6 minutes)
– 45 on/15 off
– 2 X thru

  1. low squat with oblique crunch
  2. Spiderman plank with row
  3. reverse lunge with push up

ROUND 2 — the Kim: GLUTES (10 minutes)
– 45 on/15 off
– 2 X thru

  1. alternating lunges
  2. glutei bringe
  3. wide-leg squat
  4. curtsey lunges
  5. hamstring curls (with or without dumbbell)

ROUND 3 — the Kylie: arms (10 minutes)
– 45 on/15 off
– 2 X thru
– all using towel unless you have weights to use

  1. bicep curl
  2. lat pull down (hold towel wide, raise it up to the ceiling and pull it down to your chin. Focus on the arc your elbows make, add the extra squeeze as you draw the towel back down)
  3. row
  4. front raise
  5. front press

ROUND 4 — the Kourt: cardio (10 minutes)
– 45 on/15 off
– 2 X thru

  1. box jumps (on the couch if you can, or tuck jumps)
  2. squat jumps out and in
  3. mountain climber
  4. battle rope
  5. squat jumps up and down

ROUND 5: the Kendall — abs (5 minutes)
– 30 seconds per exercise
– can do a second time if you’re crazy

  1. forearm plank
  2. straight arm plank
  3. right side plank
  4. left side plank
  5. spiderman plank
  6. bicycle crunches
  7. vertical crunches
  8. horizontal crunches
  9. Russian twists
  10. crunches

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