MOVE-ember (for a cause)

You may remember the name. You may have been in the group (it still exists on Facebook). Seven years ago, you may have been one of the 30-some people that committed to Move-ember.

Move-ember is a campaign during the month of November to encourage people to be a little more active as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter.

This year I am running Move-ember for the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to help raise money for their Charitable Workplace Campaign. But I thought, “why not involve more people to do even more good?”

At PHAC, members will be donating as their “registration fee”. For the general pop, I thought we would adopt the same method on an honour-system basis.

If you’d like to participate in Move-ember this year, here’s what you need to do:
A) Choose a charity to donate to OR support a local business by buying a gift card (fun, right?).
B) Message me letting me know which charity/local biz you’ve donated to (no need to tell me the amount) and give me your email.
C) I will include you in all Move-ember activities moving forward.

Now you’re probably asking, “What’s included in my Move-ember membership?”

  1. Scheduled Microsoft Teams lunch hour workouts three times per week (you don’t need to have an MS Teams account to participate):
    – Tuesday: celebrity series (dissecting celebrity workouts that we can do from home)
    – Wednesday: mixed bag
    – Friday: yoga
    (if you can’t make it at lunch, I will send you the workout to do after)
  2. A weekly newsletter with information on fitness, nutrition, and wellness
  3. A weekly workout that you can do on your own time
  4. Occasional reminders to move/relax/walk/drink water/etc.
  5. A weekend activity that you can do with your friends/family/dog or on your own

RSVP by Tuesday, October 27. We will be starting on Monday, November 2 through to Friday, November 27 (4 weeks).

If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “MOVE-ember (for a cause)

  1. Yay! I so want in on this. I have not participated (or even heard of) Move-ember in the past, but I am so excited to join in on this!

    I have just donated to the Parkdale Food Centre (Reverse Food Truck) so some tummies will be fed.


  2. You’re awesome!! I’m excited to work out with you again!!! I already buy at least one gift card to a local business each week but am making an extra donation to the Parkdale Food Centre in honour of MOVE-ember. ❤️ Thank you for doing this xo


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