celebrity series #17: The Backstreet Boys

I was always on Team Spice growing up (because boys are gross!!) so I can’t even name all of the Backstreet Boys (Aaron Carter? Nick Carter? Lance Bass?).

Back in the 90s, it was always Spice Girls versus the Backstreet Boys. But, at the time, there was no concrete way (that our child-minds could figure out) to actually decide which group was better.

Today, I think I have a way: their longevity.

Looking up each members of the Spice Girls was easy. There were loads of articles on what they’re doing now so it was easy to find their workouts.

When I looked up the Backstreet Boys, it wasn’t the same case. Nick Carter was the only one that I could find anything on regarding his workout.

To me, that’s a Spice Girls’ win. But it also meant I had to do something different with the Backstreet Boys workout.

Listening to the music as I prepared the workout brought me a LOT of nostalgia, and it was so good. So I decided to make the music the focus.

Playlist: All the best of the Backstreet Boys

Equipment needed: a hand towel or weights, chair for dips

Time: 40ish minutes (but don’t feel like you have to do it all, you can pick your fave songs and just do those).

THE METHOD: For each song, there are two moves. Do each move 10 times and continue alternating between the two moves for the entire song (rest when you need).

The One, 3:46 — plie squat + curtsey lunge

Everybody, 3:45 — sit ups + Russian Twists

Let it Be Me, 3:44 — towel bicep curl + towel front press

Don’t Want You Back, 3:26 — push ups + towel shoulder press

Larger Than Life, 3:52 — squats + prisoner get ups

The Way I Like It, 3:40 — horizontal crunches + vertical crunches

It’s Gotta Be You, 2:57 — tricep dips + tricep push backs

We’ve Got it Going On, 3:36 — supermans + bear shoulder taps

Get Down, 3:50 — lunges + side lunges

I’ll Never Break Your Heart, 4:47 — cool down

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