basic bitch gets a veggie box: #1

It’s finally that time of year: veggie box season. I was counting down the days until our first one would arrive from Bower Farms, and it finally did last Thursday.

I love getting a veggie box for three main reasons:

  1. veggies are good for you;
  2. way less environmental impact (as far as packaging used and distance the food travels);
  3. I don’t have to think about what to buy or cook.

And then there are the added bonuses of supporting local and it’s fresher than anything you’d get at the grocery store.

This is what we received and how we used it (making a special point to try and use as much of each vegetable as possible):

Radishes: used 100%
– sliced and roasted the bulbs
– made salad with leaves
– put the stalks in smoothies
Notes: After I texted Chris to tell him what we got in the box, he called me: “just calling to let you know I’m not a fan of radishes.” Cool cool cool. I’m still putting stems in your smoothie (he couldn’t tell).

Greens: used 100%
– salad

Kale: used 100%
– chopped leaves and stems into smoothies

Parsley (? — not exactly sure, but it looks like the green stuff from tabouleh): used 100%
– a tabouleh-like salad (which I added too much chilli powder too and had to struggle through to eat but was not about to waste the fresh parsley

green (except two are purple) onions: used 100%
– roasted with other veggies
– fried and added to other dishes
– also attempting to regrow them

Bok choy: used 100%
– roasted as a side for various meals (but actually ate it all in one sitting)

Cabbage: used 100%
– roasted and used in shrimp tacos (and ate the rest in the same sitting)
Notes: If I was a better girlfriend-of-a-Polish-man, I would try to make cabbage rolls, but I’m not.

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