celebrity series #14: all the Chrises

After we went through the Chris Pratt workout, the discussion turned to all the other famous Chrises. There are loads.

Because of time restraints, I had to choose just four — four Chrises, four rounds.

Obviously we could eliminate Chris Pratt because we already did him (that’s what she said). And any female Chris’ (or Kris) were cut because we alternate between men and women weekly.

So then, of that marginally smaller group, I got to pick my faves:

Chris Hemsworth — I can never tell which Hemsworth is which, but I’ll take either, really. Chris and his trainer, created an at-home workout during quarantine, which is super cute of them, and it’s what we’ll do in the Hemsworth round.

Chris Noth — OBVIOUS CHOICE. #teamBig (Aidan is the WORST). You can find some Noth-workout stuff floating around the web as of late, but I chose his prep work for the Sex and the City movie. Noth showed up to the set as they prepared for filming — a little bit heavier than he left in the season six finale. The director told him he had to lose weight before they started shooting so he played basketball, ran, and weight trained.

Chris Evans — He just seems so nice! I looked up the Captain America workout, and while we weren’t able to replicate his moves because most of them required a lot of weights, we could copy his days: back day, chest day, upper, and lower.

Chris “Ludacris” Brian Bridges — I didn’t even know he was a Chris, but now the Luda-‘cris’ part makes a whole lot more sense. His workout to prepare for Fast and the Furious was intense. Because he did a lot of bodyweight, we actually are able to try a lot of his moves.

Note: I desperately wanted to do Chris Rock but there wasn’t a shred of information that hinted to him even working out.

Playlist: a whole bunch of “Luda’s” songs + remixes.

Equipment: towel or weights, yoga mat, chair for dips and elevated push ups, pillow

Time: 35ish minutes

ROUND 1 — Hemsworth
– six moves
– six reps per moves
– six minutes total, as many rounds as possible
– you can see demos of all the moves in Hemsworth’s video

  1. burpee to overhead press
  2. tricep press
  3. squat
  4. mountain climber (six per side)
  5. spiderman push up (six total)
  6. sit-thrus (six per side)

ROUND 2 — Noth
“running + basketball” : high knees tabata
– 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds (4 minutes total)

“weight lifting” : front press + shoulder press (use weights, towel, or tension band)

  1. shoulder press for 45 seconds, rest for 15
  2. front press for 45 seconds, rest for 15
  3. shoulder press for 45 seconds, rest for 15
  4. front press for 45 seconds, rest for 15

ROUND 3 — Evans
– two moves per section
– 10 reps per move
– two minutes in each section, as many rounds as possible

– dive bomber
– superman

– chest push up
– chest press

Lower body 
wood chop (10 per side)
– plie squat jump

Upper body
– tricep dip
– bicep curl (towel or weight)

ROUND 4 — Chris “Ludacris” Brian Bridges
– two minutes per section
– as many rounds as possible per section

plyo push up X 5
medicine ball slam (you can use a pillow or even mime the action) X 10

close grip push up X 5
squat X 10

tuck jump X 10
single leg glute bridge X 10/side

alternating lunge X 10/side
foot elevated push up X 5

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