motivation manifesto

having M O T I V A T I O N…

Isn’t just setting your alarm;
Isn’t just showing up to the studio;
Isn’t just a selfie at the gym;
Isn’t just spending 25 minutes or 45 or an hour in class.

I’m very fortunate to work where I do. I’m always at the gym. I’m always up early. I always have access to the equipment.

Lately, because of my schedule, I haven’t been able to make it to classes. This is a problem for me because I know I need a class to get an effective work out. Working out alone is not my strength. I make excuses, I dawdle, I do other things until I don’t have time to workout anymore.

So now, I’m faced with the decision of either working out on my own or not working out at all and I am struggling with motivation. Maybe it’s winter, but I don’t have any drive to move my body. Even though I’m at the gym. Even though I have the equipment in front of me. Even though I have the time.

Even though all those other things are there, they don’t equal motivation. Having motivation means actually engaging during the workout. Making each second count. Showing up mentally, not just physically, for however long or short you can spare that day.

Sometimes having motivation only comes when you have the discipline to start. Chances are, once you get going, you’ll have the motivation. You just need to start. Commit to something small: five minutes. One round. One exercise.

That is the O N L Y way I have been able to exercise by myself the last couple of weeks. I set the bar low.

“I will do one round of these four exercise.” Or “I will spend five minutes on the megaformer.” Or even “I’m just going to squat while I brush my teeth.”

I tell myself that, after that, I can stop if I want to. But I never do. One round easily becomes three. Five minutes easily becomes 30. One set of squats becomes push ups and planks. But even if it is just that five minutes or just that one round or just squats, I am going to bust my butt and be engaged while I’m in it.

Five minutes isn’t worth your time? It’s five minutes more than you would have done. And if you think five minutes won’t make a difference, try holding the plank for five minutes every day and tell me it doesn’t get easier. Try squatting for five minutes a day and tell me your glutes haven’t gotten firmer.

I have five minutes. You have five minutes. I can almost guarantee you’ll be happy to stay for 10 or 15 more. But if five is all you have, then make each second count. Seriously, just start right now.



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