celebrity series #1: Jlo

At the end of 2019, I became obsessed with Jlo (more so than before). Specifically, her role in Hustlers. Even more specifically, one of the last scenes when she’s walking to the atm in a sports bra and a Juicy Couture sweater right before she gets arrested. I really want that sweater.

This admiration for Jlo’s body and strength (that bouncing split thing she does at the beginning of the movie is NOT easy. Not that I’ve tried…) led to the inspiration for the first of the “Celebrity Series” at Iron North.

So, in the first week of the new year, I researched her workout and made it into something accessible for the average human. And in this life of quarantine, I thought it would be fun to recreate it for all the folks in self-isolation.

Playlist I used here.

Equipment needed: small towel

Total time: 20 minutes once through, 40 twice through

ROUND 1 — 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, one or two times through

  1. spiderman push up
  2. squat, slow, 3/4 range (squat all the way down, only come up 3/4 of the way)
  3. lunge right with right twist
  4. lunge left with left twist (same as above but all on left)
  5. jump lunge
  6. jump squat
  7. burpee
  8. platypus walk

ROUND 2 — 20 reps / exercise, one or two times through

  1. wide stance squat
  2. reverse lunges (20 total, alternating leg)
  3. plank (count to 30)
  4. side lunge (20 total, alternating leg)
  5. bear with shoulder taps
  6. side plank right side (count to 30)
  7. side plank left side (count to 30)
  8. towel lift and lower
    • hold towel tight between hands at shoulder height and width
    • slowly lift the towel above your head and lower back to start maintaining taughtness
  9. towel twist right
    • same starting position as above
    • slowly rotate to the right keeping your hips square to the front
  10. towel twist left (same as above but left)
  11. squat with tricep push back
    • hold the bottom of your squat, arms straight out by your sides
    • slowly push your arms back behind you as far as you can WITHOUT compromising your squat position
    • slowly bring them forward, repeat
  12. tricep push ups
  13. sit ups
  14. jack knives
  15. Russian twists
  16. push ups
  17. forearm plank to pike

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