micro-dosing with sugar for an effective workout

I was sitting in my car this one time, eating chocolate chip cookies before teaching a spin class to get hyped up. That's when I realized I was micro-dosing with sugar in the same way someone might take a small amount of a drug (weed, 'shrooms, giggle pig) to feel the effects of it, but … Continue reading micro-dosing with sugar for an effective workout

recipe: trailer trash truffles

RECIPE AT THE TOP ALWAYS. Ingredients: leftover desserts chocolate for melting (leftover or otherwise) sprinkles for decorating and to make the truffles look less trailer-trash Take all leftover desserts out of your freezer -- for me, I had: a third of a Christmas Yule log cake about a quarter of a crepe layer-cake several handfuls … Continue reading recipe: trailer trash truffles

celebrity series #6: David Beckham

David Beckham's workout from his footy-playing days really impressed me. Obviously this guy was going to have an intense workout -- but holy shit. Nowadays, Beckham practices something called "Fitness Snacking" (short periods of exercise done throughout your day as opposed to one longer workout), but back in his footy playing days, it was definitely … Continue reading celebrity series #6: David Beckham