celebrity series #3: Serena Williams

Serena and Venus Williams are amazing role models for women. Obviously, because of their success in an area usually dominated by men, but also because they dress however they damn-well-pleases. Both sisters have shown up on the court in some campy, colourful, GLORIOUS outfits and went on to WIN (and sometimes lose -- they are … Continue reading celebrity series #3: Serena Williams

setting new (quarantine) routines

I've used the first few days of quarantine to deep-clean, to organize, to change our internet plan, and to do all the little projects that have been on my forever to-do list. It was on day three of quarantine while cleaning out the contents of the freezer (and clearing all the old Christmas cookies and … Continue reading setting new (quarantine) routines

functional strength training routine (body weight)

FACT: functional strength training (running, jumping, lifting, and carrying) strengthens your immunity. Also a fact? Getting out of your comfort zone is a part of exercise. Your gym may have closed but that doesn't mean you can't work out. Get on board with social responsibility, flatten the curve, and use this as an opportunity to … Continue reading functional strength training routine (body weight)