more muffins — my fave recipe

HERE IS THE RECIPE SUBSTITUTIONS THAT I MAKE: - I use water instead of milk - I use maple syrup instead of honey - I don't make the peanut butter drizzle - I add 80-100 grams of chocolate chips Now, if you care... I started making muffins as a quick breakfast staple for Chris and … Continue reading more muffins — my fave recipe

setting new (quarantine) routines

I've used the first few days of quarantine to deep-clean, to organize, to change our internet plan, and to do all the little projects that have been on my forever to-do list. It was on day three of quarantine while cleaning out the contents of the freezer (and clearing all the old Christmas cookies and … Continue reading setting new (quarantine) routines

make muffins, make the world a better place

While nursing a sickness and binge-watching the docuseries "Ancient Aliens" on Netflix last week, I turned to baking as a form of exercise. Sleep, wake up, prep a recipe, throw it in the oven, rest, take out of oven, sleep, repeat. (I realize this sounds like something I shouldn't do if I'm sick, but I … Continue reading make muffins, make the world a better place