basic bitch gets a veggie box: #7 & 8


green beans: I’ve been wanting to make a Cracker Barrel-style (have you been? It’s the BEST RESTAURANT in the United States and I am desperately waiting for the border to open back up so I can go again) meal forever so when I saw the green beans, I knew exactly what to do. I steamed the beans southern-style*, and served them with homemade Mac-and-cheese and smoked meat sandwiches.
* my substitutions:
– instead of bacon, I sautéed the stalk of the onion from the veg box and some garlic in olive oil
– I never have broth so I just used water

cukes: sliced, salted

salad greens: Chris has salad every night so the greens are always super welcome. And every night he has it the same way: olive oil, HEAPS of balsamic vinegar (like, so much vinegar), sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, s&p, and parmesan (yep, the Kraft kind).

zucchini + patty pan squash: roasted with olive oil and salt

eggplant: eggplant parm! Couldn’t miss an opportunity to smother a vegetable in cheese and sauce and breadcrumbs.

tomato + onion: bruschetta — you want, like, four times as many tomatoes as onions. Chop them all up, add salt, pepper, oregano or basil if you’d like, some balsamic and evoo.

basil: in the eggplant parm, in the bruschetta, on a pizza, gave some to my mom

beets: I thought I would make borscht because Chris LOVES it, but it turns out that borscht is a lot of work. So instead I made muffins with this recipe*. You’ll see you need beet puree, so I used the boiling method found here. That recipe suggested using the leftover beet water as a natural red food colouring and I will take any opportunity to make icing, so that’s what I did.
* my substitutions:
– I used 1/2 cup mashed bananas instead of the flax eggs
– completely omitted the brown sugar, but upped the maple syrup to 1/3 cup


– a little more bruschetta
– BLTs, betch! On fresh bread, served with homemade fries. The best. But Chris doesn’t like lettuce in sandwiches — weird considering how much he likes salad — so actually BTs.

– sliced and roasted with olive oil and salt

– garlic bread (served with pasta, and as grilled cheese)

green beans:
– Southern-style again! Because it was so good. But this time I served with garlic grilled cheese.

– banana smoothies, blueberry smoothies, pineapple smoothies, strawberry smoothies…

– sliced in a pita with avocado and nutritional yeast

– gave it to my mom again to make salads

– in the bruschetta
– sautéed and added to the grilled cheese

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