celebrity series #16: The Spice Girls

You know them, you dressed up as them. You sang the songs. They impacted your life.  They were cool then, they are cool now: The Spice Girls.

Playlist: My fave songs (my fave fast-paced ones), and some ~~~lit~~~ remixes

Equipment needed: a box/crate/sturdy chair, a hand towel or weights

Time: 30ish minutes

ROUND 1 — Sporty Spice
Mel C probably has the most normal routine you’d see. TRX, resistance training, jumping, moving, running, etc.

complete as many rounds as possible in six minutes
1) elevated plank to pike X 10 (instead of TRX straps, have your feet up on a box/chair, etc)
2) squat jump X 10
3) step ups X 10/side

ROUND 2 — Posh Spice
Victoria has the most intense workout of the gang. She usually works out two hours a day — a run when she first wakes up and then an hour with her trainer, Tracey Anderson, (after school drop-offs) which is split into 30 minutes of upper body work and 30 minutes of lower.

1) two minute high knees tabata — 20 seconds of high knees, 10 seconds rest, four rounds
2) two minutes alternating between two moves: 10 bicep curls, 10 front press (weights or towel)
3) two minutes alternating between three moves: 10 squat pulse, 10 lunge pulse right, 10 lunge pulse left

ROUND 3 — Scary Spice
After having her babies, Mel B really wanted to get back to it. The singer turned to kickboxing, ab workouts, and dance.

complete as many rounds as possible in six minutes
1) crunches X 20
2) lunge-to-kick X 10/side
3) plie squat jump X 10

ROUND 4 — Ginger Spice
Geri Halliwell swears by yoga, and she’s really, really good at it (Google it).

complete as many rounds as possible in six minutes
1) chair pose with front press X 15 (hold chair pose while doing front press with a towel or weights)
2) downward dog flow X 10 (downward dog to plank to tricep push up and reverse)
3) high lunge knee tap (to the ground) X 10 per side

ROUND 5 — Baby Spice
Emma has the most basic bae workout of all the girls workouts: hiking, jogging, strength training, and, of course, dancing.

complete as many rounds as possible in six minutes
1) push up X 10
2) squat with oblique crunch X 10/side
3) single leg squat X 10/side

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