basic bitch get a veggie box: #5+6

Because I was at a cottage for almost a week, I ended up with box 5 and 6 sitting in my basement (it’s cool down there so I feel like that’s the best place for it?).

Luckily, another bonus of a veggie box is that the produce is so fresh and lasts so much longer but, unfortunately, I did have to toss a few peas.

My fave things from the past two boxes (What makes something my favourite? If if can be made into a dessert or if it is meant to be eaten with bread/pasta/pizza/chips, then it is my favourite):

zucchini bread, obviously. I didn’t want a super healthy recipe, but I also didn’t want all the vegetable oil and sugar in this recipe, so I made a couple swaps:
* half the sugar (I was also replacing the walnuts with chocolate chips so a lot of sweetness would be coming from the chocolate)
* used 1/2 cup greek yogurt and 1/2 cup coconut oil instead of vegetable oil

– in a parmesan, tomato omelette
– bruschetta (on top of fresh bread) — my recipe for bruschetta: chop lots of tomatoes, a small onion (or 1/4 to 1/2 a large one), drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste

– into my carrot top pesto for pastaaaaaa
– pizza, DUH (PS this is my go-to pizza crust recipe — I promise it’s easy because I can do it)
– gave some to my momma

– roasted with olive oil and salt
– carrot-top pesto with the leafy ends — I used a different recipe this time and added a cup of basil to the blender. To serve with the penne, I had sautéed an onion, added the cooked pasta (SAVE A CUP OF THE PASTA WATER), then put in all the pesto. If the mixture seems too dry, slowly add some of the pasta water until it’s to a consistency you like.
– tossed the stems — I learned my lesson, they do not belong in smoothies

– sautéed and used in fully loaded nachos (salsa, cheese, avocado, onion, sausage, sour-cream, a bunch of other random veggies)

And the rest (which I also loved, but didn’t use on bread or in dessert):

sugar snap peas
– I ate them whole — but I wasn’t fast enough! I waited to long and was so sad to have to throw some out because I’d let them go bad

– eaten as is

– gave it to my momma — I like aniseed because it’s what’s used in a lot of Italian baked goods, but as far as eating it fresh — I don’t love it. My mom chops it up and enjoys it in salad.

– smoothies, everytime, I know, boring. But I hate kale raw. I could cook it but blending it up in a smoothie works well enough.

– roasted with olive oil and salt

mixed greens
– salad, always

swiss chard
– sautéed — but I almost, for the second time in my life, mistook it for rhubarb. The first year I got a veggie box, I got Swiss chard but I thought it was rhubarb, so I treated the the chard as rhubarb but cutting off the leafy bits, roasting it, and then making it into pancakes before I’d realized what I had done.



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