basic bitch gets a veggies box: #4

Number four. I had to Google two of the items in this veggie box. I was able to determine that the radish-looking thing with stems coming out of the bulb was a kohlrabi (and part of the cabbage family, #themoreyouknow), but the weird green-bean-but-smooth looking things — I had to ask Farmer Dave about: garlic scapes.

garlic scapes
garlic butter. As soon as I was able to search the internet, I saw that this weird little vegetable is used in the best kinds of sauces — the full fat kinds. Butter, pesto, hummus. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to have fresh baked bread (I was baking some that day) with fresh butter, so this was an easy choice. (BUT BEWARE OF THE GARLIC BREATH. It is for real. #sorrychris)

– roasted the bulbs — NOTE: you can eat the skin, but it can be thick/rubbery so you should peel it (which is easy enough to do). The kohlrabi skin was the first time I had to toss a part of the veggie thus far.
– sautéed the stems and leafy part

iceberg lettuce
– big parts as a pseudo taco shells
– innards for salads

spring onion
– I roast them and eat them on their own because I am obsessed
– regrowing

mixed greens
– salads

– smoothies
– salads
– wraps

– smoothies

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