basic bitch gets a veggie box: #3

More good and green things. It’s like, anything I’m eating, I can add a vegetable to it. So nice.

– organic/local carrots are the best tasting carrots ever so I kept it simple, roasting with olive oil, salt, and rosemary.

carrot top pesto for the leafy part: In the endeavour to use every bit of the vegetables, I looked for a recipe to use the carrot tops and came away with this pesto, which was really easy (even though I was initially thrown by “blanching”, which I have never done before) and tasted delicious over spaghetti.

– stems in smoothie: I do NOT recommend. They did not blend in completely and it was like the smoothie had pulp and I spent a really long time sieving the smoothie because I refused to just dump it.

cinnamon sugar radish chips: This did not turn out as it was supposed to. I think I messed up the baking so the radishes didn’t crisp up as much as a chip, but were still nicely roasted so I ate them all in one sitting.

– stems into smoothies (these stems are fine in smoothies)

– leaves into salad

spring mix
– salad

– smoothies
– salad
– wraps

– sautéed and used in wraps

green onion
– in the carrot pesto
– fried and roasted with various dishes
– regrowing the stems — will never be out of green onions

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