basic bitch gets a veggie box: #2

My vegetable intake is on the rise and the fresh greens are a welcome reprise from the frozen veggies I’d been eating all winter.

I loved everything this week but the two I enjoyed eating most after prepared were the rhubarb and Bok Choy.

It was an obvious choice to make a dessert out of the rhubarb. I think pie is the usual go-to, but I don’t love pie (it’s always too much fruit and not enough actual pastry — why does the crust have to be so thin?). I had seen something on instagram about rhubarb cookies and thought, “yeeeeeeep.”

The linked recipe was very easy. I didn’t have the white chocolate chips or the ginger so I just omitted, but I did add a little maple syrup to the rhubarb once it had been roasted. Be careful because these are hell-good and you will likely eat them all in one sitting.

baby bok choy
I don’t really know where the inspo came from that day, and I’m sure you don’t care. I had two packages of ramen in the pantry from almost two years ago (like the kind you used to eat dry as a kid). I cooked them according to the stovetop directions on the package, lightly sautéed the Bok Choy in another pan, soft boiled an egg, and then put it all together. It was unreal. Will be buying more ramen packages.
Note: other common add-ins for ramen: edamame, bamboo, mushrooms, pork — I just didn’t have any of them.

green onions
– added to anything I was cooking in a pan
– regrowing (which is going well)

pea shoots
– omelettes
– wraps

kale and chard mix
– smoothies
– salads

spring mix
– salads

– smoothies
– wraps

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