celebrity series #12: Chris Pratt

The first time I remember seeing Chris Pratt was as Anne Hathaway’s misunderstanding fiancé in Bride Wars (which I am currently watching as I write this — love that movie). Then there were the days of Parks and Rec Chris Pratt as the lazy and spoiled Andy Dwyer. And then, it seemed almost overnight, we were seeing the cowboy/dinosaur wrangler/galaxy guarding Chris Pratt.

In reality, it was not overnight. Pratt worked with trainer Duffy Gaver and nutritionist Phil Goglia for six months to lose 60 pounds and completely change his physique.

While we love Chris Pratt no matter what he looks like, today we’re here for his workout.

Chris works out four days per week with three active rest days (active = taking a walk or something similar):
Monday: backs, biceps, abs
Tuesday: chests and triceps
Thursday: legs
Friday: shoulders and traps

Each day, Pratt does six to 10 exercises, four reps of about 12 sets. If you want his exact workout, you can find it here.  But being that we’re all stuck at home and most of us likely do not have access to all the equipment required to follow his routine, here is a more at-home-friendly version:

Playlist: made and curated by Pratt himself

Equipment: towel (or weights if you have them), two milk crates or something similar (like two smaller chairs), yoga mat

Time: 30ish minutes (set a timer for five minutes per round, do as many rounds as possible in that time)

ROUND 1 — chest
1) plank knee touches X 12 total (from a plank position, reach your right hand underneath you to touch your left knee, then left hand to right knee)
2) diamond push up X 12
3) lying chest press X 12 (use towel or weights or something heavy)

ROUND 2 — triceps
1) tricep push ups X 12 total
2) tricep dips X 12 (off a box or chair)
3) tricep push back X 12 (weights or unweighted and pulse an inch at the back of the move)

ROUND 3 — biceps
1) bicep curl X 12 total (towel or weights)
2) hammer curl X 12 total (towel or weights)
3) atlas push up X 12 (if you do not have anything to use as a prop, do a wide-grip shoulder push up)

ROUND 4 — legs
(as there is only one, short, leg round, it needs to be intense)
– lunge, squat, lunge ladder
1) right leg lunge into a squat, into a left leg lunge
2) two right leg lunge pulses, into two squat pulses, into two left leg lunges
3) three right leg lunge pulses, into three squat pulses, into three left leg lunges
4) keep adding one until time is up

ROUND 5 — shoulders and back
1) front press X 12 total (towel or weights)
2) shoulder press X 12 total (towel or weights)
3) dive bomber X 6

ROUND 6 — abs
1) plank for 30 seconds (count in your head)
2) leg raises X 12
3) sit ups X 24

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