celebrity series #8: Justin Bieber

“What do you mean…”

The Biebs must be one of the most polarizing celebs to come out in the last decade. People love him or love to hate him (please note that this is a hate-free zone and you cannot hate in here).

Whichever group you fall into, if you’re looking for an effective workout, you’re actually going to love his.

As a leaner guy, Justin struggled to put on muscle. His trainer had him work supersets (working a set within a set) of antagonist muscles (muscles that don’t work together) to get the most bang for his workout buck.

JBiebs lifts five times per week for 45 minutes, but we’re going to get all that  goodness into a single session ~~~

The playlist — obviously all the best of Biebs.

Equipment needed: towel (always feel free to use actual weights instead of towel), chair

Total time: 35-40 minutes minutes

EXAMPLE OF A SUPERSET (using chest and bicep below)
– do 8 to 12 of your towel bicep curl and as soon as you finish, drop to do your 8 to 12 push ups
– take a quick break
– do the remaining sets of your bicep curls and push ups
– THEN move on to to #2 — do all sets of those exercises
– THEN move onto #3

ROUND 1 — chest & biceps
–  8 to 12 reps per exercise
– 3 to 4 sets

  1. towel bicep curl with push up
  2. towel hammer curl with towel chest press
  3. diamond push up with towel bicep row

ROUND 2 — back & triceps
–  8 to 12 reps per exercise
– 3 to 4 sets 

  1. pull up-superman with chair tricep dips
  2. towel row with tricep push backs (no weight necessary)
  3. plank to pike with tricep push ups

ROUND 3 — legs & shoulders
–  8 to 12 reps per exercise
– 3 to 4 sets 

  1. squats with towel shoulder press
  2. alternating lunges with dive bomber
  3. glute lift with towel front press

ROUND 4 — abs & cardio
–  15 to 20 reps per exercise
– 2 to 3 sets 

  1. squat in out with knee to elbow
  2. mountain climber with sit up

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