recipe: trailer trash truffles



  • leftover desserts
  • chocolate for melting (leftover or otherwise)
  • sprinkles for decorating and to make the truffles look less trailer-trash
  1. Take all leftover desserts out of your freezer — for me, I had:
    1. a third of a Christmas Yule log cake
    2. about a quarter of a crepe layer-cake
    3. several handfuls of chocolate chip cookies
    4. half a cupcake
  2. Use the oven or microwave to defrost
  3. Mix everything together in a bowl (maybe use a food processor depending on what you have)
  4. CONSISTENCY (of your mixture) is key. Your goal is something fudge-like. If it’s too water-y, you’re going to have to add something to make it a bit thicker (oats, flour, sugar). If it’s too thick, you’ll need to add something to soften (milk, water, rum, baileys)
  5. Once it’s all mixed, melt your chocolate down. I used a bunch of those liquor chocolates (Chris had SIX BOXES of these for some reason).
  6. Using your hands (get in there), start rolling little golf ball-sized balls and dip in the melted chocolate, then place on parchment paper or silicone baking sheet.
  7. If you’re going the sprinkle route, throw a bunch of those little guys on top to make your truffles look more legit.
  8. Leave to dry! Store in the fridge or just put everything back in the freezer and repeat this whole process in another three months.


This “recipe” is not about quantities. It is about feeeeeeeeling. It is about punctuating your life, which has become one long nap, with items from your to-do list so you have something to tell your partner you did that day when they come home from work.

If one of the things on your to-do list is to do something with all the leftover baking in your freezer, this one is for you.


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