functional strength training routine (body weight)

FACT: functional strength training (running, jumping, lifting, and carrying) strengthens your immunity.

Also a fact? Getting out of your comfort zone is a part of exercise. Your gym may have closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Get on board with social responsibility, flatten the curve, and use this as an opportunity to get stronger.

I was hoping to do this with my Rise & Grinds at Iron North, but it is what it is — here is a functional strength routine that is all body weight (so it can be done anywhere), and done by repetitions (so you don’t need a timer):

  • do all circuits one time through OR do any single one six times OR any two three times (etc., etc.)
  • each circuit has a core, cardio, and strength move — you can change up the groupings
  • some of the more unfamiliar moves have links to how-to videos, if there’s anything else you don’t get, google it or send me a message

Wide stance squat (hold your hands out in front at shoulder height) X 10
Burpees X 10
Deadbug X 20

Push up w alternating arm reach (do a push up, reach one arm straight out, push up, reach the other arm straight out) X 10
Tuck jump X 10
Single leg glute bridge X 10/side

Single leg squat X 10/side
Lunge jumps X 20
Side plank with thread the needle X 10/side

Single leg deadlift X 10/side
Dive bomber push up X 10
Bear with shoulder taps (don’t let hips twist) X 10

Tricep dip (use a chair)  X 10
Squat jump X 20
Supermans X 15

Spiderman push ups X 10
Mountain climber X 30
Glute kick back X 15/side

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